Golf and the Art of Trump

In 1987 one of the best selling business books of the year was The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump, which the man himself referred to with typical understatement as the second most important book in the world, after the Bible. The Donald was the tycoon de jour, the most famous businessman in America, as prominent in the gossip pages as the financial press.

Until recently The Art of the Deal has lain unloved in the remaindered section of secondhand bookshops and the outer reaches of Amazon’s search algorithm. But now the ‘author’ of the book is in the race to become the most powerful man in the world and The Art of the Deal has been given a new lease of life. This time next year Donald Trump could have his hand on the nuclear button and assume control of the world’s biggest economy. His campaign for the Republican nomination has electrified and horrified audiences far beyond the voters of the 52 states, and has left voters of all political colours to ask the same question, what sort of president would Donald Trump be? Continue reading “Golf and the Art of Trump”

I’m with Nick on this one

“All the books we own, both read and unread, are the fullest expression of self we have at our disposal…With each passing year, and with each whimsical purchase, our libraries become more and more able to articulate who we are, whether we read the books or not.”  –  Nick Hornby

The Jack Nowell Brand, part 1

Jack Nowell is ‘the tattooed, rat’s-tail haired son of a Newlyn trawlerman’

Jack Nowell dropped out of the New Zealand tour to get his knee right

Jack Nowell scored a try against Scotland

Jack Nowell is the new face of Team England after the Disappointing World Cup™

Jack Nowell wears white boots

Jack Nowell did a nude Demi Moore cover for The Times

To be continued