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I don’t have a comments section because it was taken over by exotic-sounding women selling me cheap sex and strong drugs. I can get this at home.

Please don’t expect consistency. I’ve come to realise I’m incapable of it. This is a failing I often regret, until I meet someone with fixed opinions.

Likewise, I’m not an activist. I’ve met some and they’re different from me. Go ahead and march, I won’t be joining you.

That said, here are some things I think are true:

  • How a company deals with its tax bill is the best indicator of its attitude to corporate social responsibility.
  • Like masturbation and Shakespeare, many sports are more fun to do than watch
  • The market for sport sponsorship is interesting only because it helps establish the line between the corporate and the personal. As government money disappears, we should care more about this line than we do.
  • The sponsorship market is amoral. But many of the people who work in it are very nice.
  • Not every argument has two sides. Sometimes there are facts.
  • Banning stuff is easy but has unintended consequences. The ban on tobacco advertising has forced cigarette companies to think harder about how they spend their (enormous) marketing budgets.
  • Firms in several sectors stopped caring about their customers some time ago. In these sectors marketing’s job is to cover that crack.
  • We are very complacent about what marketing does to our children. Sponsorship helps normalise things that shouldn’t be normal. Balancing that view with being pro freedom of choice is a question I wrestle with. I haven’t found an answer yet.