Alan Pardew on Wonga’s customer satisfaction levels

Multimillionaires shouldn’t offer opinions on pay day loans really.

The Pardew quote does him few favours, via Wonga’s name continues to disfigure the shirt of Newcastle United | Daily Mail Online.

The Newcastle owner, Mike Ashley, feels no need to explain this or any of his decisions; indeed, one imagines him staring at the bottom line and smiling at the fuss. Then there is his manager, Alan Pardew. When the Wonga deal was signed, precisely two years ago, Pardew greeted it with the Pollyanna enthusiasm of a born company man.

‘Now there’s no reason why we can’t be one of the top-four clubs,’ he boasted. ‘I listened to the owner (of Wonga) and their customer satisfaction levels are higher than any other bank or lending facility… When Wonga have been involved in football clubs they’ve been very successful. If our fans do have any concerns, maybe they should contact Blackpool supporters and see how they’ve done. The feeling I get is that Blackpool fans have been happy with Wonga and what they’ve done for the club.’