The Flip Side Of Listing Women’s Sport

I’m there in sentiment. And I wish the campaign to get women’s sport on to the listed event status well and have waved the flag here, here and here among many other places.

But I’ve got some niggling questions. Continue reading “The Flip Side Of Listing Women’s Sport”

Who Will Solve The SPOTY Dilemma?

Simon Rines’ new report has a stat worth noting: three federations – Fifa, Uefa and IOC – account for half of all global sponsorship spend on governing bodies worldwide. Continue reading “Who Will Solve The SPOTY Dilemma?”

Number of the Day: £24million

The annual sponsorship revenue of British sports when football, rugby, cricket and tennis are removed from the equation. This figure comes from Sir Keith Mills, via David Owen’s report on Inside the Games. Continue reading “Number of the Day: £24million”