#BrazilBingo: Lufthansa


A client pitch.

Context: There’s a World Cup coming up, followed two years later by the Olympics. Both – at time of writing – take place in Brazil.

Objective: Make our brand a bit more Brazil-like. We want to be involved in all this stuff.

(Unless of course, it kicks off in the favelas, in which case we don’t anything to do with it. But let’s put a pin that one). Continue reading “#BrazilBingo: Lufthansa”

The Clough Analogy: It was Rio wot done it

Good piece in Vice on the fall of David Moyes, making the link between Man Utd’s woes and those of Leeds Utd three decades before. Back then it was Brian Clough who insulted his new team in a legendary introductory training session, one of the set pieces of David Peace’s The Damned Utd.

Was this Moyes’ Clough moment? Continue reading “The Clough Analogy: It was Rio wot done it”