The Wafer Thin Line Between John McCririck And A Pantomime Dame


Look around at sports pundits and the line between a character and caricature is becoming wafer thin as the desire to become a brand escalates. There’s some fascinating stuff on this coming out of the John McCririck – IMG court case. Continue reading “The Wafer Thin Line Between John McCririck And A Pantomime Dame”

Horseracing attendances – Publish, and be pleasantly surprised

Alan Lee in The Times calls for attendance figures at all race meets to be published. Yes he says, ‘there would be some humble numbers’ for winter all weather race meets, but the big showcase events should stand up and be proud. By avoiding making this key indicator public, the industry is being too risk averse, itself part of a broader malaise. A dull day at Cheltenham on Jan 1st saw 6000 more people go through the turnstiles than the corresponding meeting last year.

Let us throw in to the argument 31,000 over two days at Kempton Park’s Christmas meeting or such notable rural attendances as a record 8000 at Fontwell Park on Boxing Day.