LA84, the original pop-up Olympics

la84still3_0The IOC has an exhibition to mark 30 years since the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Creative Review has a nice, well, review of the exhibition dedicated to “the look that the late Deborah Sussman and team created for the Games, alongside a show of the 15 art posters originally commissioned for the event.” … 


Winter Wonderland

There’s a government white paper in this paragraph (from WSJ).

Norway itself is a Winter Olympics marvel: With only five million people, it has won 303 Winter Olympic medals, far more than any other country on the planet. To find a country smaller than world-leading Norway on the all-time Winter Olympics medal table, you have to travel down to Croatia, which ranks 24th with 11 medals.


We Should Listen To David Stern, He Knows Stuff


I went to the Sport Industry breakfast expecting something a bit dry and worthy. American sports executives are not renowned for their comedy chops. The NBA is known as Nothing But Attorneys for good reason. So I was quite taken aback by David Stern and Adam Silver’s Abbott and Costello act. … 

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