Demographic group of the day: Big Eventers

4472991886_3bd3395c01They are on everyone’s hit list from the RWC2015 – see Paul Hayward’s piece below – to the NFL, NBA and the big London Premier League clubs – see Spurs’ business plan for the new stadium.

The problem with Big Eventers is their promiscuity. This is particularly true of the NFL’s hopes to build a London franchise, a plan that is seemingly based on their recent success in filling Wembley for one off matches.

Big Eventers tend not be tribal, but go to the opening of a fridge door. Continue reading “Demographic group of the day: Big Eventers”

LA84, the original pop-up Olympics

la84still3_0The IOC has an exhibition to mark 30 years since the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Creative Review has a nice, well, review of the exhibition dedicated to “the look that the late Deborah Sussman and team created for the Games, alongside a show of the 15 art posters originally commissioned for the event.” Continue reading “LA84, the original pop-up Olympics”

Why Does Ambush Marketing Get So Much Coverage? And Other Questions From The ESA Summit


Good panel at ESA Summit on Sponsorship and the media. Talking to Owen Gibson of The Guardian, Kevin Peake formerly of Npower and Alun James of Four Communications, we looked at the type of stories that were covered in the run up to London 2012, and then questioned their impact on the image of the industry. Continue reading “Why Does Ambush Marketing Get So Much Coverage? And Other Questions From The ESA Summit”

Winter Wonderland

There’s a government white paper in this paragraph (from WSJ).

Norway itself is a Winter Olympics marvel: With only five million people, it has won 303 Winter Olympic medals, far more than any other country on the planet. To find a country smaller than world-leading Norway on the all-time Winter Olympics medal table, you have to travel down to Croatia, which ranks 24th with 11 medals.