The Jack Nowell Brand, part 1

Jack Nowell is ‘the tattooed, rat’s-tail haired son of a Newlyn trawlerman’

Jack Nowell dropped out of the New Zealand tour to get his knee right

Jack Nowell scored a try against Scotland

Jack Nowell is the new face of Team England after the Disappointing World Cup™

Jack Nowell wears white boots

Jack Nowell did a nude Demi Moore cover for The Times

To be continued

Why age is more important than place


There has been a mass of rugby-related stuff flying around these past couple of months. God knows, I’ve contributed enough to the noise. My favourite question however came from former New Zealand and British Lions coach Graham Henry in The Guardian and was about identity and national character. In short, Henry says, why is every team copying the All Blacks? Continue reading “Why age is more important than place”

Demographic group of the day: Big Eventers

4472991886_3bd3395c01They are on everyone’s hit list from the RWC2015 – see Paul Hayward’s piece below – to the NFL, NBA and the big London Premier League clubs – see Spurs’ business plan for the new stadium.

The problem with Big Eventers is their promiscuity. This is particularly true of the NFL’s hopes to build a London franchise, a plan that is seemingly based on their recent success in filling Wembley for one off matches.

Big Eventers tend not be tribal, but go to the opening of a fridge door. Continue reading “Demographic group of the day: Big Eventers”

England Rugby Kit News: Still White


Stuart Lancaster is the most powerful figure in the RFU commercial department. Discuss.

“I understand the need for an away shirt, or a second shirt, and the commercial point of view,” said Lancaster. “The fans like to wear it [the change strip] and money goes back into things like today. I am not against it, but for this year when we are trying to build an identity, it pays to play in white.”Change kits often draw vitriol, as the “regal purple” as the RFU described it at the time version did spectacularly last autumn when England lost to Australia. And it was little different when England wore black at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.These days, though, it is not like it was from 1871 to 1990 when England’s shirts were entirely white. The 1991 World Cup changed all that, when Cotton Traders founded, of course, by two former England captains in Fran Cotton and Steve Smith added some colour to the shirts. The replica market began to boom and, with professionalism’s advent, it has followed football in its relative popularity with the fans.So it is easy to see why commercialism has its place – and apparently even those garish purple shirts accounted for 40 per cent of all England rugby shirt sales last season – but surely when England are at home they should wear white. It is a long-standing brand that requires no embellishment.

via Stuart Lancaster puts Englands shirt on tradition and shows his true colours – Telegraph.Photo Credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via Compfight cc