Lord luv a duck! 16 names for the London NFL Franchise™

Two hardy perennials of sport biz coverage are now officially linked forever, as from this day forward The New Spurs Stadium Story™ is attached to the uber chestnut that is, The NFL London Franchise Story™.

Spurs have been granted planning permission by Haringey Council for the club’s revised proposal for a new £400m stadium. The NFL is mentioned in dispatches.

“The club plans to move into the new 61,000-seat stadium for the 2018/19 season, with the venue also set to stage at least two NFL matches each season over a ten year period (artist’s impression pictured above).The plans must be formally approved by the London Mayor’s office.Known as the Northumberland Development Project, the stadium project also includes a hotel, sports centre, health centre, homes and a Tottenham Experience, housing a museum and club superstore.

Source: Planning granted for new Spurs stadium | www.sportindustry.biz

But what to call it?

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner is famously ambivalent regarding the name.

“It’s going to be London’s team,” Goodell told an NYU conference. “It’ll be the London Whatevers playing the New York Giants. The logistics we can work out.”

So this.


Bad ideas grow in that sort of vacuum.

If 24 and Friends are any guide, and I fear they are, no cliche will go un-mined in search of a name that captures London as many Americans want to see it.


This list was leaked from the NFL brainstorm session:

  1. The London Blighties
  2. The London Big Bens
  3. The London Cups of Tea
  4. The London Queens
  5. The London Peasoupers
  6. The London Gor Blimeys
  7. The London Thatchers
  8. The London Downton Abbeys
  9. The London Beatles
  10. The London Churchills
  11. The London Dick Van Dykes
  12. The London Underground
  13. The London Tower of Londons
  14. The London Bridges
  15. The London Shakespeares
  16. The London Special Relationships