A PR degree v Something interesting and useful

I’ve long suspected that PR degrees are shit.

So Jim Hawker’s piece is no great shock.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 17.07.45

The gist of Jim’s thing is, that the curriculum is outdated, particularly with regards to tech.

I’d go further: what would you learn that couldn’t be picked up after a few months on the job?

The post-grad market is full of the same stories.

Lots of wasted cash chasing trumped up qualifications equipping bright people to run the Twitter feed for a margarine.

Far better to do something with substance.

If you’re working in sport, I’d be tempted to ditch the PR and Marketing post grad route and have a look at what Ed Smith’s cooking up.

A Masters in the History of Sport. With added Brearley.

I’d pay for that.

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