Fame at last

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Sponsor as Bond Villain

It’s been a big few weeks for the Bond Villain storyline. … 


Lord luv a duck! 16 names for the London NFL Franchise™

Two hardy perennials of sport biz coverage are now officially linked forever, as from this day forward The New Spurs Stadium Story™ is attached to the uber chestnut that is, The NFL London Franchise Story™. … 


Politician funny v Actual funny

Matthew Norman’s snooker analogy is perfect. … 


Why do athlete logos suck?

It’s a strangely crap sub-genre.  … 


#Unofficial50 The best sport biz Twitter follows of 2015

All in one place for your convenience #OneStopShop #TurnkeySolution*

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The #Unofficial50 – a list of excuses, mistakes and biases

#Unofficial50 started as a bit of a laugh, an antidote to Forbes’ Sport and Money twitter list which was doing the rounds, which is bound to be American and a bit pompous and most importantly, not include me. But before too long, I found the process of getting a list together more interesting than the list itself. So here’s a critique of my own assumptions and inbuilt biases.



The McLaren TAG split in 10 notes



The 11 tech market trends you need to know for 2016

Beware, unicorns may not be what they seem. Who knew? … 


In praise of joy

UPDATE: Liverpool lost to Newcastle. So Klopp's an idiot.

Is Jurgen Klopp’s smile his key managerial asset? Andy Dunn makes a good comparison in the Sunday Mirror, between the Klopp’s apparent sense of fun and the hang dog nature of other leading Premiership managers.

Such is the intensity of the competition, the elite managerial ranks had become joyless. Jose Mourinho has always had a bitter streak, but always had charm in equal measure. The charm has gone, with the results. Arsene Wenger is the ultimate careworn figure, Manuel Pellegrini rarely looks like he is enjoying the job – and is waiting for it to end.Action Images via Reuters / Carl RecinePicture of misery: PellegriniLittle wonder the League Managers Association has serious concerns for the health of its members. You can’t say the stress doesn’t get to Klopp in the ­technical area. It clearly does.And he is not just some incorrigible hugger and joker. A German friend, who worked with Klopp, told me: “Don’t be fooled, he’s a ruthless b******. A charismatic b******, but a ruthless one, all the same.”Yet his ebullience is not just a reflection of that charisma, it is a telltale sign Klopp feels he is lucky to do what he does and will wring every bit of pleasure from it.Unlike most of his contemporaries. That is why there is so much goodwill towards him.

Source: Do Liverpool’s stats REALLY prove Jurgen Klopp is a managerial genius compared to Brendan Rodgers? – Andy Dunn – Mirror Online

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