#Unofficial50 The best sport biz Twitter follows of 2015

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50. @Prof_Chadwick – Once described by Mike Lee as ‘a vigorous little tweeter’

49 @te1978 – Ageing well despite everything

48  – The Hinge to @synergytim’s Bracket

47 @Matt5cott – Last seen in a tweed suit, like a punchy Julian Fellowes

46 @krobsportbiz – Taught me all I know. In particular, that lunch doesn’t have to include food

45  – America’s first lady of sponsorship

44 @JackieFast – Tiring just watching her

43 @brettgosper – Rugby’s leading man. Great hair.

42 @darrenrovell – Positioned purposely low to provoke WTF response and therefore greater publicity for this list

41 @jimdowling – The darling of the PR Week crowd

40  – The John Lennon of the sports tech nexus. Best beard in the sports biz.

39 @sszy A bit of academia never hurt no-one.

38 @RobHarris AP’s man in the sports news lobby, gets stories by the bucketload.

37 @DavidCushnan Former SportsPro editor currently navigating the poacher turned gamekeeper thing with Repucom. Gives good podcast.

36 @SwissRamble Studies the accounts so we don’t have to. Incredible, forensic riffs on football finance which are then nicked by everyone else. A one off.

35 @Banouby Strange and oddly compelling, with added a bit of data nous thrown in.

34 @ScottBowers Very good PR for the horse racing lobby. Magnificent in a brightly coloured suit.

33 @SallyHancock1 I initially wrote down that she’s been around the block, but that didn’t sound quite right. Agency head, big time sponsor, now consultant. Wise and occasionally angry

32 @Nick_Varley More Air Miles than Judith Chalmers

31 @Ourand_SBJ Essential follow for the US market

30 @NHoppo That rare beast, a communist working for a global advertising agency.

29 @KimSkildumReid On the rare occasion I need to know something about the Australian sponsorship market, I head to her blog. Prolific and opinionated and sometimes right. Whatever the opposite of a shrinking violet is. Not be argued with.

28 @OssianShine Reuters’ sports news guru. Oozes an old school world weary gravitas, like sweat.

27 @DavidsGoldblatt Author of two of the best books I’ve read on how we got to here

26 @footballlaw Great on image rights and deconstructing the broadcast market

25 @Ben_Wells1 I understand about 25% of what he talks about, but he says it with real authority

24 @TimPayton A rare combination of industry pro, fan and activist, wish there were more like him on Twitter.

23 @TariqPanja The move to Brazil has put years on him. Now looks 15.

22 @DKaplanSBJ No list is complete without @SBJSBD‘s man on the frontline. Has written more pieces on the ‘NFL’s proposed London franchise’ than any person alive. He came over once, never again.

21 @NRushman Prolific sports entrepreneur and entertaining twitterer. Most people in his position don’t bother or are crap. Often offers a genuinely challenging and different perspective.

21 @danroan I can have 21 because it’s my list and my rules.

20 @annaedwards3 Sky Sports News producer, campaigning journalist

19 @Mygolfspy The only anonymous account on here. Very good at nailing the stories in the golf biz.

18 @CharlieSale Not a prolific tweeter but everyone reads him. Nuf sed.

17 @Robintalksport Engaging and odd (or oddly engaging).

16 @MCSaatchiSteve Friend of the stars.

15 @JamesEmmett Carving out a new career as a podcaster, his jingles are truly a thing to behold.

14 @Ben_Rumsby  The Telegraph’s sports newshound.

13 @CharlieBhoy72 Nike’s global comms chief. Busy.

12 @FrankDunneTVSM Go-to timeline for analysis of the TV rights market

11 @Patrick_Nally The Founding Father of the Sports Business™

10 @AndersRed Forensic and insightful. Has a proper job and does stuff others can’t.

9 @MichaelRPayne1 Years spent working the corridors at the IOC add authority to his views on how sports governing bodies behave and function.

8 @dodo938 Doyen. Do we still use that term?

7 @Synergytim None better on the ins and outs and ups and downs of the sponsorship market.

6 @sportingintel Scoops and high-end backgrounders are a good combo. Loves a listicle. One of several on the list who has helped push sports business coverage in to the mainstream media.

5 @pkelso Funny and opinionated on Twitter, breaks stories, reads the news and probably makes the dinner when he gets home.

4 @owen_g Genuinely opinion forming, packs a lot in to 140 characters.

3 @MartynZiegler Brings a light touch to big stories. Heavy on travel expenses. Leader of the pack.

2 @David_Conn Does incredible work on the business of football on a daily basis. Great use of Twitter as a live blog medium through the Hillsborough inquest and other major stories.

1 @KuperSimon Brilliant writer and observer of sport and business, among many other things.