Why do athlete logos suck?

It’s a strangely crap sub-genre. 

FastCo Design did a thing hooked on Kobe Bryant’s post-career brand move.

Superhuman athlete, comedic actor, and $500-million brand LeBron James is now a typeface. So are Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. Working with the London-based design firm Sawdust, Nike has created fonts for some of the most popular basketball players. Eye-roll inducing? Certainly. It’s also smart—if used the right way.3054573-inline-i-1-typefaces-for-pro-basketball-players-gimmick-or-genius

This appears to be the legal bit behind Gareth Bale’s heart thing.

Not sure this is real

Some more bad art here.

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I was once told Kiwi umpire Billy Bowden had trademarked his crooked finger. This is almost certainly fake, but captures the ambition.


@henryscotland won on Twitter with this.


Some homework, show your workings:


This list is odd because I don’t know who the athletes are even when their names are on it. The opposite of a brand.