Why do the interesting thing, when you can do the bleedin’ obvious.



Chevrolet had me going for a while. 

The pre-launch teaser video for the new Man Utd shirt was great. It suggested Chevrolet, the new shirt sponsor, was about to do something radical.

The video references the club’s past and nods to Sir Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and other United players of days gone by. It has generations of fans walking to the stadium wearing previous iterations of the team’s red shirt, making a point of going big on the previous sponsors’ logos, Sharp, Vodafone, Aon…

It ends with Wayne Rooney saying: ‘The shirt belongs to you. It always has, it always will’.

Blimey, I thought. They’re going to take the logo off the shirt. Make a real statement about giving the shirt back to the fans. What a clever move. How insightful of a major American corporate playing with our expectations in such a subtle way rather than just seeing sponsorship as a badging exercise. This I thought, was a company confident in its own skin, able to work the association in a new, fresh way and measure value without recourse to pimped up media numbers.

Imagine how silly I felt when I saw what they had in mind. Same old, same old. In fact, make that just ‘old’.


Photo Credit: Charles Henry via Compfight cc